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Little Red Caboose- Snow Bound Poetry

Little Red Caboose Here alone adrift,  whils’t this late snow falls Too big to hide tucked, under bridge as homeless do Pavement cold as icicles Zeit immer am ende Now the’ve placed me here,… Continue reading

Fire and Ice- Poetry Together

Fire and Ice Old romantic notion O’r just my Neanderthal man’s day ? Elemental components Why do we still stare ? Learn to burn a finger O’r Frigid feels just best. Why is… Continue reading

San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf Ladies

Ladies of Fisherman’s Wharf Colorful Ladies, tied here all alone Give me one more reason Fish with me one more season Take me out to sea Guard me, watch me Protect me, but… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lost in the Details – Grate color

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lost in the Details – Give me something basic Let it be mundane Want a lot of color, never one the same Give me grate color Tinge me with… Continue reading

Black and White – Flowing

Black and White photography and a touch of poetry to follow on the wonders of flowing water to the human spirit. (click photos to enlarge)  But first inhale the photo as if you are present. Even… Continue reading

Someplace Simple, Someplace special

Breath of Quiet Tiny Birdhouse, Someplace simple, someplace special, little creatures of this world take refuge. Babbling Creek, Oh, wandering fish, mellow in your dappled sunlight. Strong Bridge, A Way, a Way Across with Little Children and Old Men. Roadside… Continue reading