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Weekly Photo Challenge : Curves

The curves of St. Augustine, Pittsburgh, PA.   One very beautiful and serene church in the heart of old Pittsburgh cared for by the Capuchin fathers of St. Francis. This photograph was taken on… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – Old Eastcoast Seaport

Old Eastcoast Seaport “Color On My Mind” See if you can figure out what town these photos were taken on this past April 4th ? Most all the photos fit with the theme… Continue reading

Phoneography-Weekly Photo Challenge- Future Tense : Water

Future Tense – Water Tank for Ghana. This photo is of myself and Rev. David Azambawu in Tamale, Ghana a part of western Africa. The area of this region goes through a six… Continue reading

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood – Home Away from Home – Africa

This kind women pictured is part of my Home away from Home neighborhood in western Africa. This phone photo was taken at a local high school in Apam, Ghana this past January 2013. I have… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lost in the Details – Grate color

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lost in the Details – Give me something basic Let it be mundane Want a lot of color, never one the same Give me grate color Tinge me with… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique – A Little Softness

A Little Softness – found me on a cold winter eve. Photograph copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2013.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green – In the City – Bocce Ball & Gardens

My afternoon stroll in Milano through the local neighborhood brought me to this Bocce ball match. Men and women leisurely playing Bocce Ball in the garden park. Gathering place of old men, watching, having… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Quiet but familiar places can bring Renewal. Have a Seat, Close Your Eyes, Fall Asleep. Renewal. ‘ Simple Garden Renewal’ – Photograph copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2012.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Dahlia in Color or Dahlia in Black & White, you decide which gives you a better feeling for the Geometry of its shape and lines. In the meantime, here are some more photographs… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Originally I intended to post this second photo of my “Son Undercover”. However, then I came across a better shot of San Francisco from accross the bay which I had taken on a… Continue reading