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Weekly Photo Challenge : Lost in the Details – Grate color

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lost in the Details – Give me something basic Let it be mundane Want a lot of color, never one the same Give me grate color Tinge me with… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Impressionist wetscape ‘

London calling – Impressionist photo wetscape is my visual idea of what a wet London should look and feel like by night. Lights and taxicabs, buses and people all merging together to give… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Dream square’

London calling – There are many, many squares throughout London. As well as many park squares and fountains. This just happens to be one small , lovely square that I was perched above… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Damp afternoon’

London – was calling on a Damp afternoon in late January just past. To feel and see a city you need to walk that city. Though an occasional pop across parts on the… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Rainy days’

London calling – on the way back from Africa I decided to meet my wife in London fully knowing that rain would be on the schedule. I was not disappointed. So I decided… Continue reading

Comfort – A boat going out to Sea

Where to Find Comfort ! ? Perhaps on this boat soon going out to Sea. I’m just back from my latest excursion to Africa. I finally got over to the town of Winneba… Continue reading

African Sea – Experiment in Digital Processing

African Sea – An Experiment in Digital Processing using GIMP software. Here is an original photo I took in Apam, Ghana, West Africa of the boats at anchor just off the towns of Apam and… Continue reading

Happy New Year for 2013 – Chinese New Year- San Francisco

Happy New Year. These photos were taken several years ago in San Francisco during the Chinese New Year celebration parade. They were taken by our son who really enjoyed this night and all the… Continue reading

Candy Canes – Christmas Cheer

Children both young and old find Candy Canes delightful. You can imagine lips smacking and tongues slurping all day long on such large Candy Canes as these.  Just don’t let Santa’s Reindeers get here… Continue reading

Deer Abound- Christmas Globe -2012

Deer Abound – Just spent a nice weekend at my folks cottage helping to decorate the Christmas tree with them and our family.  After finishing dinner our son and I both noticed this… Continue reading