The “World Surrounding Me” is the Photography blog site of Jean-Bernard Cabana. This site will feature my photography work with my occasional poetry mixed in. Sometimes I may add photos from others to a blog piece in order to complete it (credit always to be given). An occasional video will be presented. Some of the Photography displayed will bring a high element of emotion and will hopefully give meaning to our daily lives. Thus the Intersection of Photography and Life.

Photography will include natural and pastoral themes as well as dynamic and charged photography. People going about their daily lives will often be featured. Color and Black and White Photography both will be included as both create differing perspective and often emote another response for the viewer. We will often leave You the viewer with the request for the photographer to ‘Tell me more’ !  Sometimes, You will get an answer and other times there may be none. This photographer often performs his  work  ‘ On the run ‘ while in the moment. Sometimes we as photographers want to be part of the photo and come to understand the people and places. Other times this precludes us from getting at the pure feeling of the moment if we are participating. However, I like others if I am allowed to go back to a place over again would always choose to come to know and live among the local people. Sometimes I am so fortunate, but at most other times I know that moments are fleeting.

So enjoy the ride through my photos and take in the joy, the sorrow, the pain, the glory, the majesty, that is the PHOTO.

Jean-Bernard Cabana
in Zermatt by the Matterhorn

Jean-Bernard Cabana is the Founder of a small organization, Extend God’s Love, Charity Society whose mission to assist those with needs in the area of clean water, medical and general education, & rural town development projects. We have begun such projects in Ghana and are helping to support an orphanage in Kenya. We also look locally in the U.S. for volunteers for projects for the needy. Any help or donations are appreciated. See our Facebook page.

Most recently, in February 2016, I founded a film company entitled, Midnight Films, LLC.  The company will have primary offices in Columbia, Maryland U.S.A. This film company will be developing both documentary films as well as theatrical films. More information to follow on this blog post and on other sites as well as public releases.