Little Red Caboose- Snow Bound Poetry


Little Red Caboose

Here alone adrift,

 whils’t this late snow falls

Too big to hide tucked,

under bridge as homeless do

Pavement cold as icicles

Zeit immer am ende

Now the’ve placed me here,

Is this my reward

Drifting snow today,

Tomorrow morning rains,

Hurry take the picture,

Then be on your way

This little red caboose part of the B&O railroad museum is permanently stuck in Ellicott City, MD.  However, on this morning an unexpected early spring snow storm also enveloped Little Red and very few where here to capture the moment, just me, my son, and the homeless man under the bridge.

Photography and poetry by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2013.

(use Google translate for the German sentence in the middle of the poem).