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Trees- Study in Black and White Contrast vs. Ansel Adams trees

Ansel Adams did not have the luxury of a digital age where he could process his prints first on a computer screen to manipulate the light of the photograph which he had captured.… Continue reading

Last Light of Winter ?

Last Light of Winter ? Early morning light of March greets me with this winter scene. Just yesterday I was contemplating getting a few photos of the crocuses getting ready to open and… Continue reading

Black & White – Redwoods I

Redwoods in Black & White ; photos from a trip several years ago to Yosemite National Park and various Redwood forests of California. Hope you enjoyed Redwood II and were just waiting for… Continue reading

Color – Redwoods II

The color rendition of Redwoods II, that of the orange and reds can not be adequately conveyed by photographs as being there oneself. Part of the reason for that is that the Redwoods… Continue reading