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Come with Me & Walk a Mile for the Water

Walk a Mile for Your Water – This hand pump well is close to some of those of a far northern village in Ghana, perhaps only a Mile away. Likewise the local health clinic as… Continue reading

Fire and Ice- Poetry Together

Fire and Ice Old romantic notion O’r just my Neanderthal man’s day ? Elemental components Why do we still stare ? Learn to burn a finger O’r Frigid feels just best. Why is… Continue reading

On this Rock – El Capitan or a new Rock of the church choosen today

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I shall build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18 And on this 13th day of March 2013,… Continue reading

Opposite Stream views

Opposite Stream Views – Let us look in opposite direction Sometimes up and sometimes down May my eyes have no distractions Black and white and color too May the water flow so smoothly… Continue reading

Children of Africa – Children to Love

Children of Africa – Children to Love This last photograph is one of our son in Africa with some of the local children in Ghana and is one I am most proud of.… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Impressionist wetscape ‘

London calling – Impressionist photo wetscape is my visual idea of what a wet London should look and feel like by night. Lights and taxicabs, buses and people all merging together to give… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Rainy days’

London calling – on the way back from Africa I decided to meet my wife in London fully knowing that rain would be on the schedule. I was not disappointed. So I decided… Continue reading

Comfort – A boat going out to Sea

Where to Find Comfort ! ? Perhaps on this boat soon going out to Sea. I’m just back from my latest excursion to Africa. I finally got over to the town of Winneba… Continue reading

New Adventures Await – in 2013

We begin this year with hope and optimism and look forward to being able to have part of our upcoming time spent in pursuing what is out of the ordinary. New places and… Continue reading

My Photo Challenge: Storm – Sandy -Why did You Come Ashore

Hurricane Sandy landed like an overgrow Sea Monster on much of the East coast of the United States this past week. While I, being 3 hours west of the coast and some 4 hours… Continue reading