Milano – My Fast Paced City Walking Tour

Milano- Fast Women Shopping

Let us begin our One Day fast paced walking tour of Milano and let these photo’s be our guide.  Start in the Shopping district where people abound. The sidewalks are crowded even for a Monday early afternoon. So I think we need a map or two to get around.  The Catherdral (Duomo) is in the central eastern half of the city and is a good reference point. But don’t go here first, rather save it for late afternoon. The Central Main Train station is north of the Duomo (though it is called the south train station on the map, because another is in the northern part of the city). Between the two points is a lovely large park (Public Garden Indro Montanelli). The expensive shops are close to the Cathedral along the Via Alessandro Manzoni around the famous Opera House La Scala. Of course to get to the Duomo you enter the enclosed Galleria with its iron arched roof and glass windows which protect you from the seasons. While the usual shops are just east of the park along the Corso Venezia which becomes the Corso Buenes Aires. There are many apartment blocks and local gardens & cafes around the shopping district. (see my prior post Bocce Ball for the local flair). This is where we started and you can find parking if needed around the smaller neighborhood parks. We choose to park on Via Senato & Via Marina (see & print your Google map). There is also a underground system to get around. But we choose to walk instead.

Milano- (click map to enlarge)

Milano- Fast Men Driving

Milan – Bikes driving slow

Milano – Couples Strolling

Milano- Motorbikes Abound

Milano – Outbound or Inbound – At the Train Station

Milano – Streetcar Around Town

Milano – Afternoon Cafe

Milano- Cathedral (Duomo)

Milano- Cathedral sculpture

Milano- Galleria

Milano- Galleria (central hubbub)

Milano- Restaurants Abound

Milano- Find a Quiet Place

Milano- Begin with a Antipasta

Then Finish the evening with duo Cafe.

Milano – Streets Emptying

A quick day spent in Milano. Just to catch a feel for what this city may hold. We walked in one large circle, from shopping district to backyard neighborhoods, to cafes, through parks, past the train station, to the cathedral & galleria and back again past more shopping. Darkness began to fall so it was time to return to whence we had come from across the mountains. A very long but satisfying day. Glad to say we had seen you Milano if but too briefly, all the more reason to return longer next time,

Ciao Bella.

Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c)  2012.