Trees- Study in Black and White Contrast vs. Ansel Adams trees


Trees- Original photo


Ansel Adams -Trees in snow


Trees with Contrast-study photo 2


Ansel Adams – Yosemite trees with cliff


Trees with Contrast-study photo 3


Ansel Adams – Trees of the west


Trees with Contrast – study photo 4


Ansel Adams- Poplar trees


Ansel Adams – tree series


Ansel Adams in 1975


Trees with Contrast and lens flare added- study photo 5

Ansel Adams did not have the luxury of a digital age where he could process his prints first on a computer screen to manipulate the light of the photograph which he had captured. Often he only had one negative to work from and had to know how and when to best capture the light of the day of the mountain or tree he was capturing. Much of Ansel Adams photography was taken in and around Yosemite and throughout the western United States.

I have taken one of my photographs of a place in Africa where the trees were planted in long rows to provide shade and shelter for the students of a local high school to gather. The photograph was then converted to Black and white and then I have processed a succession of prints with ever heavier contrast applied and slight alteration to brightness as well. The last photograph I did something that Ansel Adams could not have done which was apply a lens flare effect. He would have had to wait for conditions of such light to come through the trees if ever possible. The sun in my photo was coming from the east on the left side of the photo at around mid morning. Study photograph 4 to me captures the feeling best, though the added flare is also interesting.

Tree photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2013.

All other photographs and copyrights of tree photographs belong to estate of  Ansel Adams.

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