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Cafe Hero – video at Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France

Cafe Hero Film and video fun at the top of the world in Chamonix, France at Aiguille du Midi. with Go Pro Hero video on You tube: http://youtu.be/hDUDOeQVHSM Enjoy our video and photographic… Continue reading

Children of Africa – Children to Love

Children of Africa – Children to Love This last photograph is one of our son in Africa with some of the local children in Ghana and is one I am most proud of.… Continue reading

Children of Africa – Mother and Child, Teacher and Child

Children of Africa – Mother and Child, Teacher and Child Seen below is a gathering of mothers and their children at a local health clinic for the purpose of education and medical screenings of… Continue reading

Camel time west africa- a few camel facts

Camel time – We were rolling down the road just north of Tamale, Ghana when off in the distance we saw on the side of the road an entourage of camels and camel… Continue reading

Children of Africa – Smiles

Children of Africa – Smiles Over the years going to Africa one can not be touched but by the Smiles of the children. While working on my outreach projects around the schools and… Continue reading

African Color – Road Transport

African Road Transport takes many forms be it motorbikes, carts, bus, trucks, tro-tro, or the ubiquitous taxi. If you can tie it on, pile it up, or just plain jump on then you… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Impressionist wetscape ‘

London calling – Impressionist photo wetscape is my visual idea of what a wet London should look and feel like by night. Lights and taxicabs, buses and people all merging together to give… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Overcast – British made ‘

London calling – British made means those usual items, people and gestation that are found in and around London and these British Isles. A ‘Beefeater’ guarding as nowadays one does the Tower of… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Dream square’

London calling – There are many, many squares throughout London. As well as many park squares and fountains. This just happens to be one small , lovely square that I was perched above… Continue reading

London calling – ‘Damp afternoon’

London – was calling on a Damp afternoon in late January just past. To feel and see a city you need to walk that city. Though an occasional pop across parts on the… Continue reading