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Phoneography-Weekly Photo Challenge- Future Tense : Water

Future Tense – Water Tank for Ghana. This photo is of myself and Rev. David Azambawu in Tamale, Ghana a part of western Africa. The area of this region goes through a six… Continue reading

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood – Home Away from Home – Africa

This kind women pictured is part of my Home away from Home neighborhood in western Africa. This phone photo was taken at a local high school in Apam, Ghana this past January 2013. I have… Continue reading

Children of Africa – Children to Love

Children of Africa – Children to Love This last photograph is one of our son in Africa with some of the local children in Ghana and is one I am most proud of.… Continue reading

Children of Africa – Mother and Child, Teacher and Child

Children of Africa – Mother and Child, Teacher and Child Seen below is a gathering of mothers and their children at a local health clinic for the purpose of education and medical screenings of… Continue reading

Camel time west africa- a few camel facts

Camel time – We were rolling down the road just north of Tamale, Ghana when off in the distance we saw on the side of the road an entourage of camels and camel… Continue reading

Children of Africa – Smiles

Children of Africa – Smiles Over the years going to Africa one can not be touched but by the Smiles of the children. While working on my outreach projects around the schools and… Continue reading

Comfort – A boat going out to Sea

Where to Find Comfort ! ? Perhaps on this boat soon going out to Sea. I’m just back from my latest excursion to Africa. I finally got over to the town of Winneba… Continue reading

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

When You go to a West African nation to bring them Clean Water one is Inspired to continue the journey yearly. But only by God’s grace. For all are not so fortunate to have… Continue reading

Color of Apam 1 – Ghana

These photographs were taken in Apam, Ghana a coastal fishing town in the Central Region of Ghana. The town of Apam lies just west of Winneba and between the capital city of Accra… Continue reading


Have a listen below with the link to Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate titled  ‘Wonamati’ on You Tube:  And here is one more : Faces African Women – Wedding Day Women http://youtu.be/O37H6NODLDM Enjoy the… Continue reading