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Christmas Eve – Quiet Cottage

   We begin with this cottage painted by the artist Thomas Kincade, who passed away this year. He was known as one of the best-selling artists of his day for his romantic classical portrayal of homes and… Continue reading

Waiting for St. Nicholas

In the days waiting for St. Nicholas to arrive we prepared the Christmas tree with decorations and set upon the fireplace mantel  familiar St. Nicholas and Santa Claus figures. Then it was time… Continue reading

Candy Canes – Christmas Cheer

Children both young and old find Candy Canes delightful. You can imagine lips smacking and tongues slurping all day long on such large Candy Canes as these.  Just don’t let Santa’s Reindeers get here… Continue reading

Deer Abound- Christmas Globe -2012

Deer Abound – Just spent a nice weekend at my folks cottage helping to decorate the Christmas tree with them and our family.  After finishing dinner our son and I both noticed this… Continue reading