Black & White – Redwoods I


Bark Touching


Redwood Monster Rocks


Redwood Trail


Redwood Feeling

Redwoods in Black & White ; photos from a trip several years ago to Yosemite National Park and various Redwood forests of California.

Hope you enjoyed Redwood II and were just waiting for these fine trees in Black & White. I feel that Black & White can capture images which include large format type images such as trees, rocks, mountains, valleys and people up close (facial features) better and convey the “Strength” of these images better than Color photography. But one also has to get both the angle and view of the shot correct as well as the lighting. Or just have some luck with the shot,  arrive on the right day at the correct hour and you’ll also have a photo worth viewing. Some of these shots work, others not so much. Planning and thinking or luck, whatever works.

Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2012.