Black and White – Flowing

Black and White photography and a touch of poetry to follow on the wonders of flowing water to the human spirit. (click photos to enlarge)  But first inhale the photo as if you are present.

Gentle River

Flowing Falls

Horses Crossing

Gurgling Creek

Even when rivers, streams and creeks are making the noise of moving water there remains a certain peace about them. There is something about the flowing of water over rocks and moss and algae, past swimming fish and dangling toes that gives this feeling of wanting to caress you. Those around such simple beauty often find themselves quietly happy in these moments.


Gentle river,  Let me wander. 

Flowing Falls,  May I gaze.

Horses Crossing,  Take me yonder.

Gurgling Creek,  Simple how yee amaze.

Photographs & poetry copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2012.

Photos taken at fall time in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. on a breezing day.