Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Originally I intended to post this second photo of my “Son Undercover”. However, then I came across a better shot of San Francisco from accross the bay which I had taken on a… Continue reading

Black and White – Yosemite

Yosemite park in the late winter can be very quiet and beautiful. People are few thus making for many empty spaces and allowing the nature to be easy to find without distractions. Also… Continue reading

Color in Monterey

The Color of Monterey from its Pier at night to the Cannery Row, to the Monterey Aquarium and Life comprised of sea urchin and anemone, jellyfish and shark all brighten up a day… Continue reading

Valley to Peaks – Jungfrau gebeit Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland Pastoral Switzerland Old friend ‘Bessie’ Ascending Lunch among the Peaks Eiger nordwand Jungfrau Station A Walk Across the Glacier Peaks of Switzerland, Jungfrau gebeit Mountains Majesty Sometimes we travel to… Continue reading

Black and White – Iron Bridge

Black and White – Iron Bridge is my look at a local Iron Bridge that has been partly restored up close and personal using the media of black and white photography.  Angles and… Continue reading


Have a listen below with the link to Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate titled  ‘Wonamati’ on You Tube:  And here is one more : Faces African Women – Wedding Day Women http://youtu.be/O37H6NODLDM Enjoy the… Continue reading

Faces of African Women

Faces of Women One Women Joyful Women Giving Women Town Women Grandmother Women Midwife Women Schoolhouse Women Market Women Women at Home Young Women Working Women Soon to Be Women Let the Women… Continue reading

Someplace Simple, Someplace special

Breath of Quiet Tiny Birdhouse, Someplace simple, someplace special, little creatures of this world take refuge. Babbling Creek, Oh, wandering fish, mellow in your dappled sunlight. Strong Bridge, A Way, a Way Across with Little Children and Old Men. Roadside… Continue reading

The Great Baobab Tree

    The Great Baobab Tree of Africa has provided Life for the community in the fruit it produces, the shade and shelter it gives and does so while storing water for itself… Continue reading