Fingers of Time

Mountain climbers below Aiguille du Midi near Chamonix, France. (click to enlarge) Photograph “Fingers of Time” copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2012. Advertisements

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Quiet but familiar places can bring Renewal. Have a Seat, Close Your Eyes, Fall Asleep. Renewal. ‘ Simple Garden Renewal’ – Photograph copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2012.

Ice Cave

Ice Cave -Entrance onto Aiguille du Midi and beginning of journey up to Mount Blanc or skiing down to the town of Chamonix, France. There is no turning back once you begin the… Continue reading

My Photo Challenge: Storm – Sandy -Why did You Come Ashore

Hurricane Sandy landed like an overgrow Sea Monster on much of the East coast of the United States this past week. While I, being 3 hours west of the coast and some 4 hours… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Dahlia in Color or Dahlia in Black & White, you decide which gives you a better feeling for the Geometry of its shape and lines. In the meantime, here are some more photographs… Continue reading

Black and White – PA Railroad 1

Metal and steam joined in the form of a Pennsylvania railroad train shows its power in Black & White. This is the old Strasburg Railroad line now running for tourists in the Amish… Continue reading

Black and White – Eiger & Jungfraujoch railway

The Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in the Swiss Alps runs for 23 km (14 miles), from the peaks of the Jungfrau, Monch & Eiger Mountains. For many years I had visited the base of these three… Continue reading

Sis’s Backyard Farm Animals

I was a little surprised to learn this morning that today is National Hug a Sheep Day (October 27th). This day was created by Sarah Dunham a shepard in Kentucky who found that… Continue reading


Often music is a ‘ Passport ‘ to other places. Whether it be to a new idea, a new land, or a new style, often music has the ability to transform people and… Continue reading

Color of Apam 1 – Ghana

These photographs were taken in Apam, Ghana a coastal fishing town in the Central Region of Ghana. The town of Apam lies just west of Winneba and between the capital city of Accra… Continue reading