Phoneography-Weekly Photo Challenge- Future Tense : Water


Water Tank for Ghana

Future Tense – Water Tank for Ghana. This photo is of myself and Rev. David Azambawu in Tamale, Ghana a part of western Africa. The area of this region goes through a six month dry season where in most months no rain falls. Therefore, the people need to have ways of collecting, purifying, and distributing the precious water available. To that end our organization (Extend God’s Love, Charity Society) has been working in a very northern town to provide some of the resources for various schools and health clinics to have such clean water. This is a new water poly tank that we will be driving 3 hours north of Tamale to meet some of the towns needs. So how does this fit with future tense ? Well not only are we planning on meeting the current and future water needs of this small town, but we are also planting a “small seed” in Your minds and heart to help us and others like us to consider helping those without adequate water resources. And by the way today is World Water Day – March 22nd, 2013. However, for us every week and month is World Water Month. So join us by seeing us on Facebook at Extend God’s Love, Charity Society. While we are but small the needs are so great worldwide. So, just begin small, somewhere today and you will help make this world a better place for just one other person.


World Water Day – March 22nd, 2013

Photograph of water polytank copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2013.

World Water Day logo – copyrighted by United Nations – for World Water Day – March 22, 2013.