Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood – Home Away from Home – Africa

This kind women pictured is part of my Home away from Home neighborhood in western Africa.


This phone photo was taken at a local high school in Apam, Ghana this past January 2013. I have been doing some teaching at this school and was eating my lunch out back at the loading dock area of the local school cafeteria. The ladies are very kind to me and cook my lunch of fish or chicken with the many spices found in Ghana. This dear women was featured in my Faces of African Women blog last year. Though she does not speak much English she communicates her kindness by her smile and hard work. She always gives me a hug when I go to the school each year. Here she is gathering water for cleaning. The large metal bowls are used by the students at each table. There are a great many bowls as nearly 1,500 students attend this school. Below was my lunch on that day. The only phone photo I took of her because it was the quickest “in the moment” was her walking up the steps taken on a HTC smartphone.  I later used my Nikon to take the rest of these photos of the dock area which still uses open fires. Other photos include the ladies peeling eggs for the eggs & beans dish which the students get tired of (I saw much food left in these bowls afterwards). Followed by the main cooking area with the ladies over the large propane stoves (blue painted area on right is water purification system I installed in 2009).




I have been spending two to three weeks of each year for the last five years trying to bring clean water and educational and medical services to two communities in Ghana, western Africa. More information can be found at Extend God’s Love, Charity Society on Facebook.

Photography copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c)  2013.

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