Rustic Telephone

Rustic Telephone – A few photos of phones of old and the “land line” systems they depend on for transmission, namely telephone poles.






Telephone poles, telephone stays to hold the poles upright and telephone pole inspections all continue to this day. But how much longer will we have “land lines” will only be answered by time. These  pole photos were taken over the weekend out at my folks cottage in the woods where cell phone service can be intermittant at best and therefore a “land line” is still needed.

The photos of the old telephones come from, the first being a 1920’s Western Electric cradle phone and the second turquoise Western Electric 1966 phone can still be purchased for only around $12.00 also via I just liked the styles and ages of these phone and so they were choosen from search engine photos. My folks still have a black phone which is so similiar to the second pictured above out at the cottage. Going to the cottage brings one back in time to the 1960’s as other small pieces of history also remain when you look.

Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2013.