London calling – ‘Overcast – British made ‘


London calling – British made means those usual items, people and gestation that are found in and around London and these British Isles.


A ‘Beefeater’ guarding as nowadays one does the Tower of London.


Ales and Meat Pies some of the standard British fare. I had a few Ales, no meat pies, though I had a good venison on this afternoon.


The bleak overcast day continued in London including on the Thames by the ferris wheel. But this is January in England when football is played in the rain and cold and people scurry about from Tube to office and home again. However, the restaurants at night in the downtown sections seemed to be generally full as are the pubs. Unlike in many downtowns of cities in the States people in London actually live downtown and so the food and drink establishments do reasonably well both with local and tourists coming together. Having previously lived in Germany while in my 20’s this was sort of like a European homecoming though too short a one at that.

Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2013.