London calling – ‘Impressionist wetscape ‘


London calling – Impressionist photo wetscape is my visual idea of what a wet London should look and feel like by night. Lights and taxicabs, buses and people all merging together to give the colors that a very busy city only can provide. Sometimes all this light gives a feeling of “over exposure ” as in my first photo above.


A local shop on the square and the rain on the pavement brushed over by the light coming from the window and overhead streetlights.


Sloane Square London at night under a light rain gives off great color from its pavement.


‘ Sloane Square Impressionist Wetscape ‘

My impressionism in digital of a wet bustling London city square. Both bus and taxicab and people trying to stay dry on their way home surrounded by much light. Green and red, purple and yellow all contribute to give the feeling of movement and lateness of hour.

Impressionism is not about focus but rather one of Feeling. It is living in the moment both real and imagined.

So share your next journey to London with someone special and let the wetness envelope and romanticize you both.   Happy Valentines Day to All on this February 14th night and especially my wife for sharing these days in late January in London with me.

Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2013.