London calling – ‘Dream square’


London calling – There are many, many squares throughout London. As well as many park squares and fountains. This just happens to be one small , lovely square that I was perched above on a wet Monday night.


So following dinner, I ventured out with my wife to see what this square and the people of London were up to on such a night. The traffic around the square was heavy for the 8 o’clock hour, as was the people coming up from the Tube. For my photographs I tried to minimize the number of people in the shots. However, every few minutes buses would stop and off load and the Tube would empty another fray of people to the outside element. Window designers were busy with the Hugo Boss windows and a new collection would be born to morning.


Though this location is not the Moulin Rouge of Paris, the surroundings and the darkness and the lighting and this lone theater reminded me of such. Even this photo in composition are similar to those taken at the Moulin Rouge. So as the sign says, ‘Dream’. Feel free to dream and you can be anywhere your mind will take you.


One of my favorite art forms.  An impressionist painting by Antoine Blanchard of the Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Roge

The photo above taken from the blog posting “Euro Trip” by Stacey Hendricks on from Jan. 2, 2011. This photograph is something like I remembered from the Moulin Rouge. The show was very nice as well, though taken in many years ago, in the days before digital photography. I might have my own photos in a shoebox somewhere.

Notice all the red including the windmill. This is what I was striving for in my photographs. I especially like my second photo and the red bouncing off the pavement and the double-decker bus with ‘Hitchcock’ advertised. At the end of this series this week you will receive my photographic idea of an impressionist view of this square.

All other Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2013.

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