London calling – ‘Damp afternoon’


London – was calling on a Damp afternoon in late January just past. To feel and see a city you need to walk that city. Though an occasional pop across parts on the London Tube (subway system) is also permissible. But walking is best. So to continue this series on London in the rain and give you the reader and photo viewer very little of the usual iconic monument photos and more of the everyday hustle and bustle that are cities like London and New York I thought we should stay at the street level. Where the pavement and cobblestones meet the feet. The view above is looking onto St. Paul’s Cathedral from Cannon Street.


London mates going about an outdoor art program while sitting in front of the Tower of London. Now most would think they would be drawing the Towers but rather my glances at their material was they were drawing a new skyscraper situated across the Thames. Seeing all these classmates working diligently and drawing  so peacefully without we tourists distracting them I believe is quite the accomplishment. I took this shot from the hip while walking so as not to rouse undo attention. I rather like the glistening wet cobblestones and the children’s drawing pencils all in hand busily drawing.


London without the taxicab and red double-decker bus would be lost. So I give you both. Again, with wet pavement underneath.

But, where was the lady in Stilettos?   Maybe on the bus !


Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2013.

More of wet London by day and night in forthcoming days.