Land of the Amish – Lancaster PA

‘ Stuck in Traffic ‘ Amish Wagon

‘ Color of a Amish Home ‘

‘ Lancaster Downtown with Farmers Market ‘

‘ Young Amish Farmer ‘

Visiting Lancaster, Pennsylvania area is always a treat. We are brought back in time by some of the local Amish people and their simple lifestyle. Wagons for transportation, fine but simple and colorful homes and handmade furniture. Living from the land as many of the Amish farmers have been doing just as their forefathers for some hundreds. Then selling the produce at the Lancaster Farmers market. We all could take a lesson from these humble people who live without electricity, cars, televisions & computers.

There is a wonderful theater just outside of Lancaster, the ‘Sight and Sound’ Theater which produces Bible themed productions yearly. The production I saw “Joseph” now playing in Branson, MO was fantastic. Currently, in Lancaster is “Jonah” the whale while previously “Noah” was produced. Shows run from April to October typically, then move on the the sister theater the next season when a new show is produced.

‘Sight and Sound’ Theater , Noah

Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2012.