Wonders of Big – at the Bass Pro Shop/ Outdoor World

This oversized playpen of a store called Bass Pro Shop/ Outdoor World from time to time captures my imagination of yesteryears fishing and hiking outdoors. Not that those days are done. It just puts so many “items” from my memory back into play whenever I take a stroll through this shop. What began in 1972 as a bait shop in Missouri has grown to more than fifty stores. Large stores. Large enough to hold hanging sea planes from the rafters and large aquariums of local fish.




Black Bears charging at you as you escape across a rickety bridge.


These stores are Big on the Outside amd Big on the Inside. With clothing and sporting goods, boats and fishing reels, dry flys and wet and most anything for the outdoors.


When they open a new store these people do it with fan fare. For most of us have not seen such an exaggeration of size or a degree of showmanship outside of maybe a trip to Disney.



Now one thing is for certain there is no shortage of prim and proper stuffed wild animals, mostly deer but also others. Bear and moose and mounted fish. And at times this can be seen as sad, perhaps a reflection on ourselves.



But for me displays of canoes and john boats remind me of my time spent in an Old Town canoe on the lakes and rivers of the Adirondack’s to which I still yearn. And while these days are not past, they are more infrequent as both time and distance to such places take a greater effort to overcome.

So what are the Wonders of Big that are reflected here. Nothing more than hopes for the Outdoors upcoming and memories of those gone by.  Enjoy the outdoors and make your memories Simple ones. And remember to bring a friend, a lover, a good book, a camera and your mind to capture them all with next time.

Photos displayed are both a collection from the internet and mine (1st,3rd,4th,9th and last photo copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2012 from a local Bass Pro Shop).