Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

When You go to a West African nation to bring them Clean Water one is Inspired to continue the journey yearly. But only by God’s grace.

New Poly Water Tank for Africa – Inspiration

For all are not so fortunate to have Clean Water available to drink. Many either go thirsty or avail themselves to what they can find. This follow-up photograph was taken just outside one of the towns I am working at to bring clean water to some towns people and school children. While I have the know-how to help many, I do not have the funding that will yet bring it about. And think this is just one small place in this world.

Fetching Water in West Africa

Is is not ironic that here in the United States as we are celebrating our Thanksgiving, often with an abundance of food, others go quietly living without the basics of life including Clean Water.

My true Inspiration since 2008 has been to do my little bit to assist some people in need, in person.  This past year I began in greater earnest to get my message out and founded the small non-profit organization, Extend God’s Love, Charity Society  (which can be found on Facebook and the web : http://extendgodslove.org). My thinking was what if each family could contribute $25/ monthly and create local Extend God’s Love “Giving Circles” these groups could choose where and how to benefit those in need, both locally and internationally. This is what inspires me. And I have seen the outcome of my effort when a child drinks clean water for the first time at their school. That is the photograph at the top of my blog. The World Surrounding me, where the me is small (not capitalized) and the World is large and in great need of Our participating and sharing.

I will be back in Africa in January, join me on my journey of Inspiration,  Jean-Bernard.

Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2012.