Weekly Photo Challenge: Green – In the City – Bocce Ball & Gardens

Bocce Ball – Court in Session

My afternoon stroll in Milano through the local neighborhood brought me to this Bocce ball match. Men and women leisurely playing Bocce Ball in the garden park. Gathering place of old men, watching, having a beer and playing cards just beyond the Bocce court.

Adjacent to the end of the Bocce ball court was this lovely Flower Shop with an assortment of daily flowers to choose from to buy and take home.  I had once lived in Europe, and on every Wednesday and Saturday the market would be set up in the local square. Flowers, fruits, vegatables and other wares were set out from all the local farmers and vendors.

Milano – Flower stall

Flowers – for You

Many people think that a city only has to be buildings, concrete and paved streets. But a city like Milano, New York and others around the world can also be “Green”. Just remember to place a few gardens, parks, flower stalls and Bocce ball courts in the middle of it all and you too will have “Green” to enjoy and give you comfort.

Photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2012.