Coucher de soleil sur le Glacier de Bionnassy

View of Mt. Blanc and the Bionnassy Glacier from Chamonix, France.  A spectacular chilly May sunset evening,  glass of red wine in hand with a few scallops picked up at the local, etal de poissons (fish stall).  Time to spend on the balcony reviewing our thoughts and discussing the nice day up at Aiguille du Midi.

Here you will find a You Tube video I made of the wonderful day up above at Aiguille du Midi  (click below and enjoy). A classical piece by Aldo Arechar titled – et Sentir (to Feel) accompanies the video.  Credit goes out to our son Lawrence for the videography, as I had the still camera on this day in May 2012.

Photograph “Mt. Blanc/Bionnassy Glacier from Chamonix” , Sunset on Bionnassy Glacier with Mt.Blanc behind,  copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c)  2012. (click to enlarge).