Ice Cave

‘ Ice Cave’

Ice Cave -Entrance onto Aiguille du Midi and beginning of journey up to Mount Blanc or skiing down to the town of Chamonix, France. There is no turning back once you begin the ascent or descent. For me I was the photographer, and I took the cable car back home. Similarly in movies there is no turning back as James Bond can tell you and as Adele sings : SKYFALL

Click the link above to hear and see the trailer to SKYFALL with Adele.  (U.S. opening Nov. 9th)

More photos to come from this region. Here is a teaser (promotion photo, not my photo, click to enlarge). But it is this spectacular in person.

Aiguille du Midi

“Ice Cave” – Photograph copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2012.