My Photo Challenge: Storm – Sandy -Why did You Come Ashore

Hurricane Sandy – Hits East Coast on October 29-30, 2012

Sandy on Our Minds

Hurricane Sandy landed like an overgrow Sea Monster on much of the East coast of the United States this past week. While I, being 3 hours west of the coast and some 4 hours southwest  of its landfall area, was somewhat protected I none the less felt Sandy. Fifty to sixty miles and hour winds were felt and much water ran through the local streams and rivers. While I did go to work that night at the height of the storm. Lights and electricity went out for several days at my house but my home was left intact. Many, many others were not so fortunate.

My sister who recently moved back to Rhode Island was only 1 mile from the Atlantic Ocean at the time of the storm in a small town on the Rhode Island/ Connecticut border. Her area took much of the right hook of the storm as far as winds and water. The direct center of the storm went over New Jersey with grave consequences for New York City. My sister was fortunate enough to live that 1 mile inland on ground high enough and just beyond the marshes which protected her home. Here are a few photos she sent me and the aftermath in one little area. Then I will put up many other photos gathered from news sources, many in the New York/ New Jersey area. And while many of you have seen these photos, I felt that putting them all together would give one the feeling of the vastness of the storm and its destructive power. Lastly, I am going to put up photos of the 1938 storm in the same area. My father lived through that storm after at the age of 2 years old being dragged out to sea and rescued by a rowboat of a local man. But mostly, I am putting this photo blog remembrance together for me so as to be able to look back on it in years to come and to remember the power of the ocean when in fury.

Sis’s Photo – Neighbors Home Destroyed
Kingston, Rhode Island (Featured Image)

Sis’s photo – Remnants

Sis’s photo – TV by the ocean

Boardwalk destroyed

New York in darkness

Loss of the Bounty and Two Lives

Loss in New York and Two lives

Loss in Breezy Point – New York
One Hundred Homes Burnt to Ground










Waiting for the Storm

The Storm

Storm in Cuba

Storm in Carribean

Storm at the Neighbors

Storm at the House

Storm at Your House

Storm on Your Block

Storm on Your Doorstep

Things Left Behind

Forgotten Taxis

Boats Abound

Lives Cut in Two

Lives Cut in Two

Lives Rescued

Lives Uprooted

Lives in Waiting

Lives Comforted

Lives in More Waiting

More Lives in Need of Rescue

Flooding in the City

Flooding in the Subways

Flooding at the Ferry Subway Station

Lives Disrupted

Lives Buried Under

Lives of Long Ago – 1938 New York

Storm of Old

Storm of ’38

Storm at Point Judith

Tracking ’38 Storm

Flooding of ’38

Destruction of ’38

Narraganset in’ 38

Narraganset in 2012

Memorial to ’38

The Storm of 1938 caused more than 800 lives to be lost most due to flooding and drowning. People were trapped in homes up to the second and third floors with water all around. While some warning had been given to the approaching ’38 storm information as to the size and strength of the storm was not know. Hurricane Sandy has taken more than 100 lives this in the year 2012.

Hurricane Sandy

Let us remember the lives of those lost during this storm and the lives of those grieving and the many who now must rebuild their lives and homes.

Photographic credits: my Sister Sue, various from CNBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times,Coast Guard, NOAA, Reuters, Getty Images, & AP.

Lastly I am going to create my own challenge and call it Photo Challenge : Storm

So put up your picture that fits the challenge of storm and post them as you would a weekly challenge and lets see what we get ! I sort of find it ironic that my challenge for STORM is going up on this election day November 6, 2012. For with so much dissent in our country at this time we will find about 1/2 half of this country unhappy with the outcome of this election. Perhaps that is the bigger Storm that we face one of bringing people together.

My picture is the one my Sister Sue submitted which is my featured image in her name (thank-you Sis).