African boys

African ‘ Passport ‘

Often music is a ‘ Passport ‘ to other places. Whether it be to a new idea, a new land, or a new style, often music has the ability to transform people and our thinking about this world. This photo was taken by my son in Apam, Ghana in 2008 as we were strolling down the street on a late Sunday afternoon.  This ‘ boy group ‘ was dancing and singing when we encountered them and asked to take their picture. They looked very proud all dressed in their finest with hats to give them individual style. My son and I talked about wouldn’t it be nice if next time we gave them some cowboy boots to match. Of course that hasn’t happened and we have not seen them since. Who knows maybe if this photo goes up at my Photo exhibit in Apam this coming year I will see them again.

Have a look at this link for African ‘ Passport ‘ a new song from Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate performed in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Their new Album ‘ FAYA ‘ comes out in four weeks (Nov. 19th)  in Great Britain and worldwide. I believe these guys are the “Next,  New group in the Footsteps of Bob Marley “.  See if you think so and listen via the other African Reggae post of mine to their song ‘Wonamati’ which in the Sousou language means “It must stop” refering to corruption in Africa and worldwide.

This photograph is copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2012.