Color of Apam 1 – Ghana

Women Selling Fish

Men Repairing Nets

Children Eating Lunch

These photographs were taken in Apam, Ghana a coastal fishing town in the Central Region of Ghana. The town of Apam lies just west of Winneba and between the capital city of Accra and Cape Coast. This is one of the towns I have been going to since 2008 to help provide various clean water projects. The people of this town are very special to me and I have made numerous friendships. Capturing the daily activities of Life is often more rewarding to me than capturing iconic structures or places. For in these photographs I have the opportunity to be involved versus being a viewer from the outside. One of my hopes for my next trip is to put together a photo exhibit, perhaps at the local Post Office. I look to feature both the people of Apam and some of my foreign travel pictures so they can get a better look at both their community and the world surrounding them.

Should any photographer be interested in travels to Africa, specifically Ghana, give me a shout as often I can use an extra pair of hands and lenses for both projects and photography.

All photographs copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana (c) 2012.