Valley to Peaks – Jungfrau gebeit Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

Pastoral Switzerland

Old friend ‘Bessie’


Lunch among the Peaks

Eiger nordwand

Jungfrau Station

A Walk Across the Glacier

Peaks of Switzerland, Jungfrau gebeit

Mountains Majesty

Sometimes we travel to a destination over again not to see the mountains but rather to feel them. For it is in feeling a place and its Spirit that we often find our own inner Peace. The mountains of the Jungfrau region (gebeit) has been a place I have travelled to since in my early twenties. Now, I have the chance to take our son to a place I have told him of as Special. The feelings my wife and I shared with him could only occur with the mountains surrounding us. He often wants to go back to mountains we have visited whether local or distant. This trip to the Jungfrau region took place in 2008 following my son and my first trip to Africa. It brought great Peace.

photographs taken and copyrighted by Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2012.