Faces of African Women

Faces of Women

One Women

Joyful Women

Giving Women

Town Women

Grandmother Women

Midwife Women

Schoolhouse Women

Market Women

Women at Home

Young Women

Working Women

Soon to Be Women

Let the Women Flower

These photographs were made possible by the kind and loving women I encountered every day in Ghana back in 2009. For I believe if You participate in Life and Live and Walk among the People that Your Life will be Fuller and Enriched by their Love.

Faces of African Women was photographed by Jean-Bernard Cabana during my outreach mission trip of 2009 to Apam, Ghana and to central Ghana. More information about these trips and photographs can be found at the Facebook site for Extend God’s Love, Charity Society and at the Faces & Stories site also on Facebook. Jean-Bernard goes yearly to Ghana to conduct outreach mission trips to bring clean water, education and medical assistance to the people in rural areas of the country. Currently, a Library building campaign is being conducted by Jean-Bernard and Extend God’s Love, Charity Society in the north of Ghana and can be found under the search title “Help the Children Grow” on the web site INDIEGOGO.com a crowd fundraising site.

All Photographs are the copyrighted property of Jean-Bernard Cabana  (c) 2012.